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I grew up in Germany as son of Dutch immigrants. After I have been at University for construction management I worked for an international operating fit out company in Europe. This enabled me to have access to outstanding architecture. It was then that I discovered my love for architectural photography. I can fall in love with space and I  think a great way to share this is photography and video. I have been working as a photographer in Europe since mid-2012 with my brand justdirk.net and moved to Canada to pursue my dreams in summer 2014. In 2016 I founded Architecture.Camera as an architectural subsidiary of my photography business.


I have since worked in Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA.


Office Support
& Stress Specialist

Loki was only a few weeks old when we got him. No one wanted to have him because of his broken belly button. I just couldn’t say no to him and got his belly button fixed as soon as he was old enough to have surgery. Now he accompanies me whenever I am editing and reminds me to relax every now and then.





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